Modernizing the branded payments industry.

Octad works with consumer facing brands, fintechs and financial institutions to create bespoke financial and loyalty products and experiences that engage customers and deepen relationships.

We are obsessed with experience and service

Have you noticed that the notion of customer experience - and certainly customer service - has changed dramatically over the past few years?

Why is it that consumer brands spend millions of dollars defining 'what they stand for' and mapping their customer journeys, yet when they work with financial services and fintech companies to expand their product offerings it seems to have become accepted that these same brands constantly have to choose between quality and speed? And, if they don't, then they have to onboard teams of employees to manage programs that have nothing to do with their core competencies. No more.

We built a company on the notion that a financial product that bears the name of a consumer brand should actually be an extension of that brand's experience - and not a 'bolt-on' product with a logo.

Learn about The Octad Difference

The Octad Difference

Octad is a credit, digital banking and loyalty program manager that provides end-to-end services.

The programs we develop are each unique, experiential, and an extension of our client’s brands.

We develop products that deepen customer relationships – without the client having to worry about the complexities of a payment card program that isn’t core to their business.

We lead with experience and rapidly develop tech around it – we don’t force fit products and experiences into a template.

  • Onboarding
  • Product management
  • Fulfillment
  • Traditional, social, digital and experiential marketing
  • Partner management
  • Credit risk
  • Compliance
  • Next-gen processing
  • Bespoke loyalty solutions
  • Program management
  • Custom analytics
  • Portfolio marketing
  • Cash flow and credit score underwriting
  • Dedicated client management
  • 3rd party risk management
  • Custom product design
  • Portfolio management
  • Implementation
  • Best-in-class customer service - chat, phone, messaging
  • Bank partner options
  • Consulting

Don't Compromise Your Brand

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Custom Product – With Brand Extension
Data-Driven Experiences
Integrated Loyalty
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Who we serve

We engage customers through social interactions, and both transaction and geo-driven engagement

We deepen relationships by creating new opportunities for customer interaction, and diversify revenue streams for our clients.

We design products and experiences that are an extension of our clients’ brands, and do so quickly. We lead with experience and develop tech around it.



Sports & Entertainment



Smaller Financial Institutions

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Our Philosophy

Octad was built to make it simple for companies to maximize their customer value and create world class experiences and drive customer satisfaction for our clients.

Octad makes it simple for companies to maximize customer value and deepen customer relationships.

When customers are drawn into an experience and remain engaged they drive higher profits, improve overall satisfaction, and reduce churn.

On the contrary, the negative experience of working with the wrong partner can have significant and long-lasting implications on your core customer relationship.

Octad optimizes the most common financial and social interactions points by creating new opportunities for your customers to experience your products or services.

Our product and customer experience experts design custom programs that harness the power of AI, transaction data, geographic data and social media to deliver an unprecedented interaction model.

Our team brings decades of experience developing these products and experiences for companies across financial services, retail, entertainment, travel, and more.

We invite you to reach out to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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